I hope I like Playing in the Dirt!

Guess who disked and tilled the garden last weekend?

Yes, Company got the dirt turned under, disked and tilled.


The dirt is still clumpy and needs to be tilled a couple of more times to get the dirt nice and smooth.

I told Company that he needs to add some compose to the garden dirt.

I went on to tell him that all he needed to do was jump over his fence into his neighbors cow pasture and pick up some cow patties. Then, he could put the patties on top of his garden soil and till the patties in.

He just gave me a blank stare.

I think I will be buying some miracle grow and a truck load of compost from the lawn and garden store.

Cause, I don’t  think Company likes jumping over fences.

Or maybe he just needs to ask his neighbor to turn off the electricity to it first.

mmmmm….what do you think?



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