Bedtime is at 8:04

The teenage chickens have survived their first full week in their new house. Every morning, oldest grandgirl goes out and lets the chickens out of their upstairs sleeping quarters before she heads to school. Trying to make sure that the coup is as predator proof, as best, as we can right now, we have been wiring the front door shut every night. I am not going to risk the chicks to see if a raccoon or other hungry animal can figure out how to un-latch the latch. So, the front door is latched and wired every night. Oldest grandgirl’s job is to go out and un-wire the door and open the sleeping quarters door to let the chick out for the day. My job is to double check everything (door, water and food) before I go to work. I re-wire the door before I leave for the day just in case a stray dog or cat gets noisy while we are gone to school and work. So far, oldest grandgirl and I are doing a pretty good job taking care of the little lady chickens.

Except for bedtime.

For the first five days last week, oldest grandgirl had to go out and catch the chickens in the coup and put them up in their sleeping quarters and then shut the door. Normally chickens will automatically go up around bedtime to their roost and bed for the night. These girls like to stay up late, just like teenagers! Three days ago, I thought I would wait and see if they would go up by themselves. The first time I looked out through the dinning room window to check, they were running and chasing each other like crazy. But, low and behold, next time I looked, about 20 minutes later, the little ladies had put themselves to bed.

Woohoo! No more trying to catch the little ladies in the coup. The only thing that I was curious about, was what time did they decide to go to bed? So, the next night, I played like Sherlock Holmes and did a stack out in the dinning room watching the chicks through the window  trying to figure out when the little ladies decided to go up and find their favorite roosting spot to sleep.

Here they are teasing me by pretending to go to bed. Such naughty girls!

Here they are walking up the ramp to their bed. The noisy girls had to take a peek out of their bedroom to see what the noise was when I opened the front door to the coup to take their picture.

I did finally figure what time they finally decide to go to bed and settle down to sleep. Using all my Sherlock Holmes skills I waited  and watched them from the dinning room window (again) and until the last chick (Sunshine) go into the sleeping quarters to bed.

8:04 p.m. is bedtime.

I went back outside and shut the sleeping quarters door. Before I came back inside I filled the food container and changed their water.

They are all tucked in for the night and with enough food and water for tomorrow.

Chickens are FUN.

Really they are!


2 thoughts on “Bedtime is at 8:04

  1. I am so jealous! I would love to keep chickens (and a couple goats lol). Maybe some day. They looks fantastic and it sounds like you guys are doing great with them!

    • We are having a great time with these chicken. They are like backyard entertainment! I gave them a fresh ear of corn a couple of days ago and it was so fun to watch them stare at it for 10 minutes until one got brave and decided to peck at it. Then it was a free for all! Trying to talk to Company into getting a goat at his place. He is not cooperating…haha! So, great to hear from you!

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