Just What I Always Wanted

Did you know that Sam’s sold chicken coops?

Oldest daughter who does not cook was the one that told me.

I had to chirp on over to Sam’s Club and take a look.

I have been talking about getting backyard chickens for about 6 months. I am hoping it will be a fun family adventure that will reward us with eggs.

The coop at Sam’s looks like a little doll house on top, if you don’t count the nesting boxes. It has a little stairway and a door way into their little house.

You can reach in and pluck (steal) eggs right out of the nesting boxes from the outside. Cool…ugh?

Why raise chickens?

They forgot to list, “cause you want to show your neighbors how crazy you are,” on the box

Here are the dimensions of the chicken coop.

Here is the box in back of Company’s truck.

Yes, I bought a chicken coop!

Shhh….don’t tell my neighbors. (though I can have up to 6 chickens in my back yard, but no roosters)

My neighbors might BAAAKKK at the idea.

Fresh Eggs in 4 months.

Woot Woot!




2 thoughts on “Just What I Always Wanted

  1. Good for you!!! I want a chicken coop..they’re just so darn cute…but no chickens!!! Maybe the “oldest daughter” will gather the eggs since she doesn’t cook!!! ha ha

    • She better, if she wants me to cook them…haha….I am really excited. The chicks come in on Tuesday. I will be setting up a brooder tomorrow night. Thank you so much for reading along!!!

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