Budget Update

I am calling this post, “Budget Update.”

I really should be calling it…..”Budget Disgrace.”

I know I had a budget around the first of May. I think I had a surplus of $300 or so in my grocery budget. I really don’t know how much money I have left in it or if I have spent it all, or worse…..I am in the negative.

But you know what….it is ok.

I will just start over.

I went to a dramatic and you might call it, a radical move.  But, I took all the money I had left in my checking account at the end of the June, and transfered it to my savings account. So when I got paid I started with a clean slate. The money is safe and sound, but this way I can get a handle on my budget, get back on track and hopefully start replenshing my stockpile.

Trust me….I still have 25 boxes of cereal, and I noticed a great sale starting tomorrow on Frosted Flakes, so I see me stocking up on my favorite cereal indulgence. (besides chocolate Special K ).

Anywho…..just in case you were wondering if I managed to squeeze in any couponing over the last two months, I did. It was not a lot, but I think I got some good bargains.

Here is a little Wlamart trip that only cost me .29 cents.

Here is a shopping trip to Schnucks. I got all of this for $8.66. This was a triple couple sale trip.

Here is a trip to Gerbes where I got 6 boxes of cereal for a total of $5.37.

This was the cereal I ate (almost) every morning during summer school.  I ate all 6 boxes…please do not tell anyone. I hid it from my kids so I did not have to share.

No coupon, the bacon was just on sale. I was beggin for some bacon. I got three packages for $9.44

Another no coupon shopping trip. BUT…..I had to have these ingredients to make a three tired strawberry cake.

This is what it looked like. Am I forgiven? I will be posting this recipe soon….so don’t worry.

Here is a Gerbes trip. I bought all of these items for just $3.23.


This is what the floor looks like when oldest grand girl brings up my and oldest daughter who does not cook,  groceries….

Good Grief…haha.

By the way that watermelon was so good!!!!

So, somehow I managed through the last two months and found a few deals and I did some baking too.

Right now I have a whopping $75 in my grocery budget, since I am starting over. BUT, I have the extra money in my savings account. Isn’t that what couponing is all about…..saving money. So what better place to put it, then in my savings account.

My grocery goal this week is to buy some frosted flake cereal at Gerbes. 

I think I am going to need it.

School starts again in 5 weeks!

Happy Couponing!





2 thoughts on “Budget Update

  1. Have missed the blog! Glad you are back! Sending the corn soup to grandson who is out of school and has a job and is getting married. Thanks.

    • Minerva!! I miss you so much! I am glad that I am back too. Moving schools and teaching summer school plus family stuff, the whole month of June went by in a blink. I have a ton of stuff to post.Thank you so much for your contimued support and encouragement! This little webpage would not be here without your enthusiam and encouragement! I hope your grandson loves the corn soup!

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