My First Harvest!


I have finally harvested something out of my little garden!

This is fresh picked basil.

I went out at 6:30 in the morning before summer school and cut a bouquet for one of my best-est friends Rachel.

I cannot even describe how fun it is to go out and walk around the raised garden beds in the morning, looking around. It is so peaceful and soothing before heading out to tackle teaching summer school. My whole family is getting into watching the little seedlings pop out of the ground and take off. Oldest daughter who does not cook….watches more from the sidelines, (cushy patio chair). She likes her vegetables already rinsed off and on a plate.

Last night oldest grand daughter and I went to Lowes and bought tomato plants. The little ones I planted in the raised garden beds were drowned the day we had over 6 inches of rain in one day.

We planted tomatoes upside down in this cool container planter I bought a few years ago.

We also planted tomatoes in the topsy turvey tomato planters. In both of these containers we planted the tomatoes we started from seeds. They will be yellow, orange and red cherry tomatoes when they bloom and ripen. I cannot wait.

In the top of the container garden we planted the onions I started from seeds and leaf lettuce. I am hoping to eat some fresh lettuce in a week or so. I will have to take a picture of the top now that it is covered in little green lettuce leaves.

Here is a picture of my little garden.  In the pots sitting around the raised garden beds, I have planted herbs; like basil, rosemary, thyme, cilantro, parsley and something else but I forgot. Also, in the pots are bush beans, cucumbers, those artichokes, (I planted as seeds way back in January) and small zucchinis.

I have garlic, that I  planted way back in december, on the other side of the house. They, got pretty water logged but seems to be doing ok, after all the rain.

Here is a view of my little garden from the top of the yard.

I am not sure how much  I will harvest this year, but I am enjoying it….even if I have to buy some tomatoes from the grocery store : ).

Have you started a little garden in your yard?

You can bury a lot of troubles….digging in the dirt.


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