Too Many Cookies


Have you ever purchased one of those over-sized tin of cookies after Christmas because it was on sale?

At the time it seemed like such a great idea.

Wow! All these cookies for 75% off.

Woohoo…..this is a deal.

You get them home, and you start eating them…..and eating them….

Two weeks later you are still eating them.

You still cannot find the bottom of the tin.

It is like a magic elf bakes more cookies every night and fills the tin up, just to torment you.

Another week has passed.

You decide that you HATE cookies. (except ones with chocolate in them)

Have you been there? Have you done it?

This is what happened to my oldest daughter who does not cook. She was shopping and saw this big tin of butter cookies on sale for $5.00. Her brain said, “What a deal!” Her stomach said,”I will love you forever.” Her pocketbook said, “I have $5.00 to spare.”

So what else would a BLONDE do…..she buys the cookies….

OK, I am not picking on blondes. I am a blonde too….well mostly blonde….some witch decided to share a few gray hairs with me.

Anywho…..she had too many cookies.

What do you do?

Throw them away?

Feed them to the birds?

Take them to school and hand them out in the hallway?

DING DING DING….You are correct.

I took them to school yesterday and handed them out during passing time.

Do you want a cookie?  Yes! Do you want a cookie? Yes!

Some students just looked at me suspiciously.

Do you want a cookie….yes…..

It only took two passing times (the time between classes) ……

                                                                         To look like this!

During the next passing time, I had students come to me and ask me for a cookie.

I had to tell them I was out of cookies.

I went from too many cookies to no cookies in less than 8 minutes (two 4 minute passing times)

Now I wish she would have bought 2 or 3 more tins of cookies…..

I am crazy….

I guess I am still a blonde.

As long as I stay away from that witch.

Cookies have the power to make even half asleep, grouchy, junior high students, smile.

I hope someone offers you a cookie today!

Did I mention that I get to keep the great looking tin?





4 thoughts on “Too Many Cookies

  1. I bet you were Teacher Of The Day for that! What a great idea. I am very guilty of that. I tried to do it again this year… Trevor stopped me, “We never ate all the ones you got last year.” Probably for the best… 😉

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