No Time To Cry Over Spilt Milk: Time To Make Funnel Cakes

I made a mess, didn’t I?

Yesterday marked the end of the semester, the end of finals and the start of holiday (Christmas) break.

I have almost 2 weeks off.

I need it!

This past week of school seemed to go on forever…you know like the movie, Ground Hog Day. I don’t know if I was trying to do too much the last week of the semester, or my students were waiting until the last minute to finish up projects, or both.

Besides all that, I still wanted to make funnel cakes for my foods class students. It is a tradition. It did not matter that I was gettting over the flu and catching a bad cold at the same time. All that mattered was, that I treated my class to warm and crispy little circles of powdered sugar delights.

I was in a hurry. I am always on a time crunch at school. The bells do not stop just because you run out of time. I was blending up eggs and milk in the blender to go into the batter for the funnel cakes, when all of a sudden a cold liquid started going down my arm inside my long sleeve. I let go of the top of the blender….and shazaam…..milk and egg went everywhere.

How did that happen? I just stared at the mess in amazement. The only thing bringing me to my senses was a cold and sticky goo inside my sleeve. Yikes…I had to take a wet paper towel and do a little bath of my arm.

You want to know what I did after that?

I left it there.

I sure did. I rolled up my wet sleeve and just went to another kitchen and went right on making funnel cake batter.

I did not have time to cry over spilt milk…..the bell was going to ring…and I had students coming in any minute.

I set up my little funnel making assembly line.

I had two pans of hot oil heating up.

Of course, you need a funnel cake pourer. Looks like a old fashion yellow oil can : ).

I use the funnel cake pourer and pour a circle of batter, then do a little spider web inside, connecting it all together.

I turned them over to get the other side all crispy brown.

Take them out of the grease, put them on a paper towell and cover the whole thing with powdered sugar.

It does make a tad of a mess. No too mention the powdered sugar sprinkled around the floor of my classroom, making it look like it had snow storm come inside.

 A little spilt milk. No worries.

That is nothing that a little wet rag can wipe up.

Powdered sugar all over the floor.

Now, I need to call in the professionals…..Someone call the custodian!

Don’t worry, I made the custodian a funnel cake too.

Crying over spilt milk…..I don’t have time….the bell is about to ring


p.s. Here is my recipe. I have used this recipe for years and it has never failed me.

Funnel Cake Recipe


1 ½ cup flour

1 cup milk

2 eggs

1 tablespoon baking powder

½ teaspoon salt

¼ cup sugar


Ina bowl, mix together all the ingredients. Use a funnel or funnel cake maker to make a funnel cake shape and cook in hot oil on one side. When brown, flip cake over with tongs and cook on the other side. Drain and sprinkle with powdered suger.


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