A Meal fit for a Chicken

Doesn’t this meal look tasty?

It has some kale, grapes, cherries, a left over cresent roll and a surprise.

Today was a special day for the chickens. It is their 4 month old birthday.

So, I made them a special meal/treat.

The special surprise was left over chicken.

Yep, I feed my chicken some…..chicken.

Oldest daughter who does not cook, did not want to watch.

Here is the special birthday treat all ready for the chicks to dive in and start eating.

The cherries went first. They were grabbed by my Rhode island reds.

Then about a second later, they all went for the chicken.

They were grabbing the chicken from each others beaks.

It was funny (strange kinda funny) to see them running after each other and hiding in the corners of the coop to eat their chicken.

Oldest daughter, said it was just plain WRONG.

In my defense, I have been told a number of times to feed my  chickens a few more table scraps and that too include more protein.

I was told again last week, by a doctor who has chickens, that she always gave her chickens the chicken bones. She went on to say, that the extra protein was good for the chickens.

So, I  was just following doctors orders.

Here is a picture of Bunny the easter egger chicken. she has blue green legs. Her eggs will either be blue or green, when she starts laying. Sunshine, the Buff Orpington, is on the back side of the water container.

Here are the two Rhode Island Reds. Oldest grandgirl names these two after Disney princesses, but I forgot who was who. ooops

Here are the two Barrad Rock chickens. Those two girls love eating grapes!

Those are the six girls.

They are four months old now.

Now, I am just waiting for them to start laying eggs.