Strawberry Row Update

This last week, I went to Company’s house after work and we quickly took down the floating row covers. The wind had ripped, pulled and stretched the agri fabric, so much so, that I doubt much is salvageable to use again. We pulled up the hoops that held up the fabric along with the U landscape wire that held the fabric down. With both of us working, we made short work of the taking the floating row covers. Now, that the weather should stay above 20 degrees at night, we felt pretty confident that we could uncover the strawberries and let all the sun shine in.

After I did some reading about the fabric, I guess we could have left the floating rows up longer. The fabric lets the sun and the rain in. It warms up the air by several degrees and protects the plants from frost. But, the professional strawberry planters that use this system, takes their fabric down around this time. So, we did too. (we like to pretend we know what we are doing)

Here is Company carrying the torn fabric back to the house. That is my shadow. Looks like Company is getting ready for a toga party!

We were not surprised that some of the strawberry plugs did not make it. We had all those nights of 20 degree below winds.

Don’t get too worried. We have more plants that made it than those that did not.

Some are playing a little peek a boo game with us.

Today, when I checked on them again, I found a bloom.


Hopefully, we will be in strawberry  heaven come May.

I even have more good news!

Look what is popping up out of the ground! These rows are the garlic and onion sets that we planted back in October/November.

Here is one of the grand girls helping plant the garlic.

Do the grand girls look like future farmers? ; ) Middle Grand Girl did not want to get her clothes dirty, so she is wearing one of Company’s t-shirts over her clothes. Oldest Grand Girl, does not care if she gets dirty. Ever….

Don’t they look good? I just wish I knew which ones were the garlic and which are the onions. hehe……

I will let Company figure it out.

He HATES onions.

Maybe, he will ask the visiting geese for help.

Anywho, I am going to have to plant other things soon.

I don’t think strawberries, onions and garlic taste too well together.

How is your gardening going?


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