What’s That Smell


Here is our very first harvest of garlic.

Last Sunday afternoon, Company and I (mostly Company) dug up the garlic. The outer stalks were starting to die, which is the first sign that the garlic is ready to harvest.

I don’t know if you remember that last fall the oldest grandgirl help plant the garlic at the bottom of the strawberry rows.

The local garden shops sell garlic bulbs to plant in the fall. You break apart the bulbs and plant the cloves. You plant the pointy end up. Then you just cover them up with dirt.

We then laid a cover layer of straw over the rows and waited for the little tops to pop up.

And guess??

They did.

Even after the harsh winter we had last year.

Growing garlic is as easy as that!

I now have the garlic in the garage (where it is dark and cool) drying out for a couple of weeks. I will then braid the stalks together and hand them up to store until I am ready to use them.

Bring on the fresh mints!

I will be eating me some garlic.

No more powdered garlic for me, cause (in my humble opinion) fresh is always best.

How is  your gardening going?



Thought you would get a little laugh from these two blooper photos. Company’s sole of his shoes completely fell off after he (er…we) were done digging up the garlic.

Nothing that a little super glue won’t fix….

Or a trip to the shoe store…..

Gardening is FUN!