The Country Garden Update

Spring must be here!

I drove to Company’s house after work last Friday and we had to walk around his yard (acreage) to check out all the blooms. The five apples trees that he planted years ago are all blooming. Here is a picture of them in all their glory. I am hoping for a bumper crop of apples this fall. Especially after making my first ever canned apple pie filling and then used it to make Apple Crisp.

We planted two additional apple trees last fall. I am happy to say they made it through the winter and are starting to leaf out. After the winter we had and all the below O temperatures, it was a relief to see those little leaves.

In his front yard, we planted four cherry trees too. They made it through the winter also. Can you see the little blooms on the tree. I am not sure how many cherries we will get this year. (I may have to raid Niener Wieners cherry trees to get some cherries this year). Anyhow, just wait till next year, I might get enough for a pie or two. ; )

Lastly, we planted one peach tree not too far from Company’s other peach tree. It made it through the winter too.

Check out the garlic and onions. Even though I do not know which row is what, I am still super excited they made it through the winter too. You always plant garlic in the fall, but this year we planted onions to “over winter” them. I have never done that, but you are suppose to get early onions. I guess it must work, not unless all these green things are garlic. : )

It was time to start watering the strawberries. The cold weather was hard on them and I think we lost about half of the 250 plugs we planted. But, we turned on the drip line to try to save the ones that made it through the winter. I am heading over to Company’s house after work after school today to check on the strawberries and see how they are doing.

Company was suppose to till up the rest of the garden today (he is off work). So, I REALLY am going to his house to see if he actually did it. I will let you know the update on that.

Happy Gardening!



My Little Garden Update

Here is a picture of My Little Backyard Garden.

I took this picture a couple of weeks ago. Now, imagine it with 8 inches of snow over it with another 1/4 in of ice underneath.

The raised garden beds are littered with pine needles that I will need to remove. The orange pots are full of those artichoke plants I had such high hopes for. The artichokes were suppose to be ones that you could harvest artichokes in one season. I think they sent me the wrong seeds.  Boo…hoo….I babied those artichokes for 10 months.

Here are a few of the planters I used on the patio. I planted egg plant and  sweet peppers on the patio. The good news is that they did great!

The Little Garden is just waiting for warmer weather.

You are probably wondering why I am showing you pictures of a dormant garden.

Well, it is just a reminder that is just about time to start planting your seedlings indoors.

I will be starting my onions, peas and a few other seeds in the next few weeks.

I plan on having a early spring garden and install a floating row covers over the raised garden beds to protect the new plants from the potential cold weather.

Company and I are planning on having a large garden at his country home. We planted several fruit trees to add on to what he already had, back in the fall.

With the help of the grand girls, we planted 2 more apple trees, a peach tree and four cherry trees.

Company had this great hole digger on his tractor. It makes planting trees pretty easy.

We planted another peach tree next to the one he had, to see if it would help produce bigger peaches.

We also planted 2 different varieties of apple trees and planted those near the 4 he already has.

Lastly, we planted 4 cherry trees in his front yard. We thought they would be pretty there next to the old civil war cemetery.

Did I ever mention he has a civil war cemetery on the edge of his front yard?

How fun (creepy) is that? : )

Hope they like cherry trees.

Just wanted to give you an update on my latest garden report.

What  are you planning on planting this spring/summer/fall?


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