Playing in the Hay, Country Garden Update

A couple of weeks ago, Company and I finally got his big garden planted.


We still need to build an asparagus and rhubarb bed to plant our little dormant plants. I know, I know, we are late getting around to building a bed and getting them in the ground, but…..oh well….

We do this garden thing to have fun doing something we both like to do together. If we get a bumper crop of something…of course that has not happen yet… but we plan on sharing. If we don’t, we will just try again.

Anywho. back to a couple of weeks ago. After church, we went to the lawn and garden big box store, and loaded down our cart with the essential garden seeds, onion and potato sets and some tomato plants. We really do not know what the essential garden seeds are, but we bought a selection that impressed everyone at the store and we pretended to act like we know a thing or two about gardening. If we really knew anything, we would have had the garden planted way back in May. (another…oh well)

I organized all the seed packets on the table. Some of the items like, peas, lettuce, beets ect…I will wait and plant in late August for a fall garden.  All the ones, I thought would be ok to plant now, went into a “plant now pile.”

We also bought four different kinds of seed potatoes to plant. I have not planted potatoes since way back when Oldest Daughter was a baby. There is something fun about taking a potato fork and digging up potatoes that are hidden under the ground, that appeals to me.

Not that I know much, but I do know that I had to cut the potatoes in pieces with “eyes” on them to plant. (I also read the directions to make sure I was doing this right)

It took me awhile to cut up all those potatoes. : ) It was better than being outside and tilling up the garden, one more time, like Company was doing.

I made sure to take my time cutting up the potatoes in the cool, air conditioned house.

It never pays to try to get out of some garden work….cause…I forgot my garden tennis shoes, and decided I would go barefoot to plant the garden. The first thing I did was to step in goose poop.

See that big green pile of goose poop? That is the pile I stepped in. It was cold too! Good thing I have not gone in to the salon for my summer pedicure yet.

After much ado about nothing, we finally got the rows made and started planting. Here are the potato pieces on the ground ready to be covered up.

Oldest Grandgirl wanted us to plant her some pumpkins for Halloween. So, we made sure we planted her some.

As luck would have it, after we planted our little seeds, there was about three downpours of rain on the little garden. Some of the seeds got washed to who knows where, but some of the seeds were able to hang on and come to life. Here is a picture of something we planted. It is some vining plant, like squash, cucumber, or zucchini.

Today, after I got off of work, I drove to Company’s house to work in the country garden. Company tilled up the ground between the rows of plants and we sprinkled hay (it is really straw) down to help keep the ground moist if it rains. We only got about a third of the garden tilled up between the rows, because the tiller got a flat tire, making it hard to steer and it  (Company) tilled over some of my plants.

It was time to call it quits for the night and get something to eat.

After getting all the pieces of straw out of our clothes, and hair and my shoes.

Yes! I wore shoes. No more goose poop between my toes.

We headed to the big city to get some restaurant food.

On a side note, the onions we planted in the fall and “over wintered” are growing. I think we should have fertilized them and watered them better. But, I am able to start pulling some up to use.

We did get a few strawberries this year. But, with all large scale strawberries gardens that were planted in the fall, this winter was hard on them. The plants that lived through that tough winter look great, but alas are not blooming.

I am sure next year will be our year of strawberries galore.

Amateur farmers have to stay positive!

How is your garden going?