The Yard of Spooks, Beware!

I literally do not know how my friend Dana does it!

She transforms her yard into one ghoulish trick or treaters delight!

Every year, she spends a couple of weeks planning, scheming and using all kinds of haunting supplies to treat all her family, friends and neighbors to a fun, food and candy filled night. She amazes my family every year. Going to her house on Halloween has become a family tradition. We get to see old friend and make new ones! Plus we get to eat! This is not a trick…it is a treat!


Beware you are entering the danger zone of ghost, witches, spiders and a creepy graveyard.


Those hands might grab you and throw you into the witches cauldron!


You might end up trapped like this poor fellow or end up in the grave yard!  


The witch is in or are you a fraidy cat?   Take a seat by the dead scary people in the swing and get your picture taken.


Are you afraid of spiders….or werewolves? 


The bath room is not even safe……looks what watches you as you take a seat!


Even the garage is not safe! I tried to eat my yummy warm taco soup but they kept looking at me like they wanted a bite….of me!!!


They are so in love…….that is love taken to the grave!

Come back and see us! Next time I will take you for a ride on my broom!

Thank you Dana, for providing another scary fun night for my family!






Roasted Pumpkin Seeds for Halloween

Oldest grand girl wanted to carve a pumpkin. Sometimes that how things go in my house. Grand girl starts a project and it just keeps on going and going.

She wants to carve a pumpkins, you want her to carve a pumpkin, but do you just hand over a knife to a grand girl…..I thought not.

I relented and went out and cut the tops off for her. She proceeded to clean out the insides. Whoa…….are those pumpkin seeds?

Roasted pumpkin seeds sounds pretty good!

I handed her a container.

Don’t worry I did not pick up the ones on the steps…I was tempted though!


Here is what we got out of two medium size pumpkins. I rinsed them off with water and separated the seeds from the pulp.


Here is what they looked liked after a cleaning and rinse. Next, I put them on paper towels to pat dry. One thing I learned is that they are slippery little suckers!

When I dumped the bowl of pumpkins seeds onto the paper towel these seeds got away from me.

No, I did not rinse them back off and use them….I was tempted…..there is a 5 second rule isn’t there?


I coated them in olive oil and sprinkle them with garlic sea salt. I baked them in the oven at 350 degrees for around 20 minutes.

This is what they look like right out of the oven

I want to eat them all…..I am tempted…..

Happy Halloween!