FACS of Life–A Week in Review

As  a Family and Consumer Science teacher you have many ups and downs. You laugh a lot and you cry……..from laughing too hard.

I have to laugh at some of things that happen in my class. My students feed off of my reaction to their mistakes. If I get really upset then they get upset, then everyone is upset. So, I try to stay postivie. Try to let them make mistakes. Try to survive till the end of the day : ).

In the kitchen. In the sewing lab. This week I have had lots of laughs in both…

Lets start in the foods lab….the students are baking snickerdoodles. At least that is what the recipe said!

First, we had a whole bowl of cinnamon sugar fall on the floor. Sugar is really slippery when you accidentally step in a big pile.Where is the broom?

Next, we had a whole pan of snickerdoodles fall into the back of a hot oven.

This is what it looked like before the smoke started!

I could not get the bottom rack out of the oven because it is a new fangled oven and the bottom rack is attached to the oven door.

I had to get a yard stick to dig the cookies out of the back of the oven. Some days you need a long spatula.

I called the office to tell them if the smoke alarms go off, the FACS room was NOT on fire…..

They sent a custodian to check on the smoke.

I just shut the oven dor, and hit clean oven button.

It continuted to smoke.

Good thing we have a great exhaust system.

Fire Drill anyone?????

Whew….the smoke stopped.

and guess what????

We still managed to get some cookies in the oven.

I even got a  warm cookie for stayng calm!

We are stating our sewing unit in the sewing lab. I was going through past unfinished projects to show the students what NOT to do.

The pictures speak for themselves.


These are unfinish, sewn the wrong way and upside down flannel pj bottoms.


These are boxers that they wanted to make into hip huggers. The problem was they did not leave enough fabric for the hips. I found the top they cut off!

Why would you put elastic in the top of a pillow case?  I don’t know either.

The students did get some sqaures cut out. I even let them use scissors.

I mean really……we already had smoke in one room… who is afraid of sharp scissors with 25 students…..

I know how to dial 911….just kidding!!!

No, really I do know how to call 911!

Don’t worry, I did not have to dial 911, and the fire trucks did not get called.

Time to eat my cookie!!