Mark Your Calendars! Some Chick laid an Egg!

I have been on “egg alert” for a few weeks now. I know that all the books said that chickens do not start laying eggs until they are 5 months old.

But My little chicks, are over achievers.

I just knew that I would get an egg before they were 20 weeks old.

And guess what?

I did!

One of them laid a egg at 19 weeks and 5 days old. : )

My very first, urban chicken egg! (you would think I laid it myself, I am so proud)!

I would not have seen it if Oldest Daughter Who Does Not Cook  was not in, “Urban Chicken Keeping” training.

I will tell you the whole story!

I am getting ready to leave on vacation. (yep, heading out of town (state) with PIC and baby brother, Sparkle (their daughter) PIC’s Mom and Company). So, Oldest Daughter will be on chicken duty for a week. She is SO excited! (cough cough). I was showing her how to change their (poopy) water, fill their crumble (food) feeder and throw in fresh pine shavings. Oldest Daughter was looking in the coop and she spotted something. She asked me if that was an egg. I told her there was not a egg in the nesting boxes, and she said, NO…down there on the ground, in the coop.

I looked closer and there is was…..a egg!

I start cackling (yelling) for the camera. One of the Rhode Island Red chickens peck at the egg. I quickly took my little rack I use to clean the coop out with and cover the little egg with it.

In the mist of all the eggciting news, youngest grandgirl got a hold of the hose.

After she drenches herself and the rest of us, she takes a good look at the little egg.

Which chicken do you think laid the egg?

The Rhode Island Reds?

The Barred Rocks?

The Buff Orpinton? (her name is Sunshine)


The Easter Egger named Bunny?

Here is a picture of the chicks in the box I brought them home in when they were one day old.

My how time flies!

There is the little beauty, but she looks a little lonely.

Are you my big sister?????

Another fun day in urban garden/chicken-ville.


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Nervous Mother Hen

See how big the little ladies are getting?

They will be 3 weeks old tomorrow. My how time flies! They are slowly losing their little downy feathers for regular “big girl” feathers.

Some are trying fly…YIKES!

Sunshine, is the sweetest thing. She was the first chick to be let out of the brooder to explore around the back yard. Oldest grandgirl, Oldeset Daughter and I got real nervous.

This little chick can run fast!

We put three of the chicks out first. Their little excursion lasted, maybe 5 minutes. We took them out into a secluded place in the yard so they could not just run off. I positioned Oldest Daughter on one side, Oldest Grandgirl on the other. The fence was on one side and the house on the other. I guarded a spot where the chicks could get through the fence. On a warm day, like 70 degrees, you can take the chicks out for a bit to get them used to outside noises and smells.

5 minutes was long enough.

Back in the brooder they went and back into the garage, where they are safe.

Now, that the little ladies are trying to fly, I drape chicken wire over the top of the brooder so they cannot fly out.

They are all tucked in for the night.

They have fresh bedding.

They have fresh food.

They have fresh water.

Lastly, they are all snuggled and warm with their heat lamp going.

I feel like the hotel commercial that says, “we will leave the light on for you.”

Chicks are fun!



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