Southern 7 up Biscuits

Have you ever noticed how many recipes have 7 up in them?

Biscuits are no exceptions.

I first got a glimpse of this recipe from Miss Kay’s Cookbook from Duck Dynasty. My sister Niener Wiener, recieved the cookbook for Christmas and I took a gander through the cookbook looking for any recipes that caught my eye. When I read about Miss Kay’s famous biscuits and that 7 up was one of the ingredients, I knew I had to try it. I did not have time to write the recipe down and I was too cheap to buy the cookbook, (cause I own more cookbooks than I want to count), but I did want to try this recipe. So, I called Niener up and got the recipe from her. Niener also mentioned she had her own recipe for 7 up biscuits. I got Niener’s recipe also, cause sometimes I am smart like that. It was a good thing I got the recipe from Niener too, cause I think that Miss Kay’s recipe has a typo in the amount of sour cream or 7 up because the dough was more of a batter. I retried the recipe using Niener’s recipe and they turn out  perfect.

These biscuits are light and airy and very moist. I love the crisp buttery crust from dipping the biscuits in melted butter before baking. They went perfect with the homemade strawberry jam I had made just a few days earlier. (I will post that recipe in the next couple of days).

I will be adding this recipe to my collection of biscuit recipes. I hope you will too ; ).

Here is what you need to make these biscuit.

You will need Pioneer Baking Mix. It is different from Bisquick. Pioneer Baking Mix has a lighter texture. I bought my Pioneer Baking Mix from Walmart. You will also need sour cream, butter and of course 7 up.


The first thing  you do is measure out the baking mix in a large bowl. Add in the sour cream.


Pour in the 7 up. Now, you gently stir to combine all the ingredients. The dough will be slightly sticky.


On a lightly floured surface, roll the dough out to about a 1/2 inch thickness. Do not add too much extra flour to the dough when you roll them out.


Cut out the biscuits with a biscuit cutter or the top of a glass. Melt the butter in the microwave and pour the butter into the bottom of a cookie sheet.


Dip the top and bottom of each biscuit in the melted butter and fill the buttered pan up with biscuits.

Bake the biscuits in a 375 degree oven for about 20 minutes or until the biscuits are a nice golden brown.

Now here is the hardest part.

Trying not to eat them all at once!

Here is the recipe:

Southern 7 up Biscuits

Adapted from Neiner Weiner’s recipe


4 cups Pioneer Baking Mix

1 cup sour cream

1 cup 7 up

For the pan:

1/2 cup butter


Preheat the oven to 375 degrees.

In a large bowl stir together the baking mix, 7 up and the sour cream. You made need to add a tad more 7 up if the dough seems a little dry. The dough should be soft and slightly sticky. On a lightly floured counter or pastry board, roll out the dough to 1/2 thickness. Cut the dough out in circles with a biscuit cutter.

Place 1/2 cup butter into a large baking pans or jelly roll pan (make sure the pan has sides). Place the pan in the oven to melt the butter.

Dip both sides of each biscuit into the melted butter in the baking sheet. Place the biscuits into the baking sheet and bake approximately 17 minutes or until the biscuits start to brown.

These are a crisp butter, moist and airy biscuits that I hope you will give a try.



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