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Welcome to my small town kitchen. My name is Becky. I love a good recipe. One’s that make you smile when you think about the time you ate it and the memories that go along with it. One’s that make your toes curl up because it taste so good. I have been collecting reicpes a long time. I have a lot of recipes to share with you. Please scoot a chair up to my kitchen table and have a sit. We will share a laugh, share some recipes, share some memories and of course….eat! Enjoy!








16 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I love this website-it’s funny, educational, and triggers memories of my own! It’s really neat to read about Becky’s family, friends and personal experiences. The recipes and tips are easy to follow. Keep up the good work!

  2. Hi, I’m pretty sure we’re related ? cousins pretty sure 🙂 I have liked your page so I hope your post will show up on my facebook page!! I want share you with my mother and sisters. I love your page!!

    • Yes! We are cousins! Jeanie Beanie talks about your great facebook page where you talk about your farm. I missed you at the Christmas party at the Old Home Place this year. I believe your sister was there though. Would love for you to share my page! Becky

  3. Love the updates on your blog. Makes me homesick for Columbia. Just finished my kitchen after three months without any kitchen! Love it. Do you want pictures? Now I can get back to reading your blog because it is difficult to read about all your good food and not be able to cook. Best wishes for the New Year.


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