Reminding Myself to be Thankfull

All I wanted this morning was a pair of matching socks to wear to work.

I did not think it would be that hard to find a pair. My oldest daughter had just done my laundry. I had socks galore. The only problem was, they were still wet this morning. Since I do not like my clothes dried all the way, and prefer to hang up my clothes, damp on the hanger to dry, my socks did not get completely dry. In fact they were just plain wet.

I was not wearing wet socks to work.

So….I had to look for a older pair of socks in my drawer….that matched.

I don’t know why I am so hung up on the matching sock thing. The stores sell mis-matched socks now. They are called Little Mismatched. I have even bought some for my nieces for Christmas. So, why am I worried if my black socks are out of one weave and the other black one has a gold toe. I just am.

It is kinda like holes in your jeans. When I was growing up (back in the covered wagon days) if you wore ripped jeans to school it would mean that you could not afford a better pair. Now, you pay top dollar for a pair of “distressed” jeans. I watched a video on how jeans were made recently. They pay workers to destress jeans and actually put them in a big washer full of rocks to further destress them. No lie!! How Jeans Are Made is the video. The last few minutes of the video show workers sanding down jeans, then using a lazer dye machine on them and lastly throwing them in a big washer with volcanic rock. Think about that next time you plunk down your credit card for a pair of worn out jeans.

I still bought a pair of (spandex) skinny jeans. : )

Socks are different.

Maybe, it is because growing up with two sisters, matching socks were hard to come buy. Knee socks were very popular but hard to find too. Somehow, I always got the socks in the bottom of the clothes basket.

The cast offs, the mismatched. The socks that started to lose it elasticity and would creep down your calf as you walked. A sure sign that you probably had holes in your socks too. Is there anyone out there who ever took a rubber band and put it at the top of a pair of knee socks to keep them up? If you fold the top of the knee sock down just right, you could hide the rubber band under the fold.

Where has the time gone?

This morning I took so many things for granted. A warm house, a refrigerator full of food, a car to get to me to work….having a job and matching socks.

I should have been thankful I had a pair.

Gee…I sometimes hate when I need to learn a lesson.

It was time to go to work. The bells at school do not stop ringing just because I could not find dry socks.

So, I found a pair of somewhat matching socks.

And,  decided to be thankful I only had a hole in one sock instead of two.

I am truly blessed!



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