My Mom’s Turnips

If you read my earlier post here, you already know that I went to The Old Home Place with my parents last week. Before the big trip we always discuss the most important things we need to take. Forget about tools for taking down the door, or toilet paper for the fancy two-seater outhouse or maybe some wet wipes.

 No, we worry more about whats for lunch.

Mom said Aunt Lily was making stew and if we were lucky enough to have Aunt Corene come, we might even get one of her famous apple pies. I asked Mom what she was bringing. I was thinking maybe her yummy sugar cookies.

She said turnips.


I have never seen my mom make turnips in my life.

Just like fried chicken. My mom does not eat chicken, so why would she waste good crisco for frying chicken. That is what the Colonel is for. With his 11 herbs and spices fried to perfection, why would my mom bother. Instead she will take a all beef hot dog with a side of ketchup.

She brought all beef hot dogs too….just in case her sisters brought mystery meat from the farm. You know…squirrel, deer, wild turkey maybe a raccoon. Ok, maybe not a raccoon but a rabbit, yes. Maybe I should bring a pack of all beef hot dogs too or stop and pay the Colonel a visit.

Anywho, back to the turnips.

Mom had fresh farm turnips from a farmer at church to bring and cook for us. She brought  four slices of thick slab bacon too. Everything taste better with bacon right? This is sounding better all the time. She was so excited.

The first thing mom did was wash and peel the turnips.

Then she slice them.


Next, she fried 4 slices of bacon until slightly crispy.

Next, she pour about 1 1/2 cup of hot water into the pan of bacon and bacon grease. Be careful because it will steam up.

She put her turnips right on top of the water and the bacon.

She sprinkled about 2 tablespoons of sugar on top.


She sprinkled a bit of salt and pepper on top.                         She found a lid that fit and she covered the turnips.


She gave me permission to stir the turnips up a bit and season just a bit more with salt and pepper.

These turnips were looking and smelling pretty good!

Here they are all done and ready to eat.

I have to tell you…..they were really good!

I was hopeing no one would turnip for dinner so I could eat them all.

Old fashiony simple and good.

Sometimes simple is best!


My Mom’s Old Fashioned Cooked Turnips with Bacon


4 large turnips, washed peeled and sliced.

4 slices thick slab bacon

1 1/2 cups of hot water

2 tablespoons sugar

Salt and pepper to taste


Fry bacon in large skillet until slightly crispy and the bacon grease if rendered out. Do not cook bacon until the bacon grease turns brown because it will discolor the turnips. Very carefully pour the hot water into the skillet with the bacon and bacon grease. Be careful because it will steam up. Add the sliced turnips. Then add the sugar, salt and pepper. Turn the heat down on the skillet. Put a lid on the turnips and cook until the turnips are slightly translucent and fork tender. Do not cook to long or they will get mushy.

Salt and pepper again to taste if you need to and serve.



2 thoughts on “My Mom’s Turnips

    • Thank you so much for checking on the amount of water Mom used to make her turnips. I think that when she added the water a lot if it steamed out. Her turnips were pretty big too. I am sorry that yours where a little soupy. I think I will go in and change it to one cup of water and people can always add more. Thank you again! Becky

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