Varmint in the Backyard!

For the last couple of week, some varmint has been getting into the shed in the backyard where I keep the chicken food and breaking in and eating it!

The doors would be pulled shut each night and in the morning one of the doors would be pulled forward making it go off the hinges.

After much deliberation and denial that I might have a real live raccoon (that could potentially break into the coop after the chickens) I decided it was time to get a trap and try to capture it.

Company reading the directions and trying to get the trap set up.

Oldest grand girl decides to take over.

She loaded the trap with strawberry marshmallows.

Then she put a trail of marshmallows to  the inside of the trap.

After we caught the raccoon we took it miles away to a conservation/wildlife area.

We are going to put the trap out a few more times to see if it has any friends.

But, for now the chickens are safe in their coop at night and I even wire the door at two places for extra security.

Bye for now….

From the Mother Hen


2 thoughts on “Varmint in the Backyard!

  1. Becky,

    You are back! You made my day, maybe even my month! So glad to see your blog. Have no idea how you get everything done but glad the blog is back on your agenda. Have a great New Year.


    • I miss you so much!!! I am really going to try to get up to see your new house over Spring Break! I have missed posting recipes. I really missed the creative side to it and sharing. It was like a lost my internet voice. (If that makes sense?) I do stay busy but really trying to not putting the things I love to do on the back burner this year. So glad to see your email!

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