Counting Eggs!


My oldest grand girl so totally, photo bombed, my photo…haha!

I have been keeping a daily count of the number of eggs my backyard chickens lay.

This month we had a grand total of 135. UP from 114 last month!!

I am sure the chickens like all the sun shine and longer days that spring has provided.

Not to mention all that kale and left over veggies from the fridge.

It is hard to believe that I have had the chickens for a year now.

Here is a picture of  Bunny and Sunshine when they were a couple of days old.

Here is Bunny now.

Here is Sunshine!

Wow, they grew up fast!

Ok, Chocolate Chip….I won’t leave you out!

In thinking back over the last year with chickens, I am so glad that I took that plunge into “Backyard Chicken-hood”.

Yes, they poop….but having the best tasting eggs is worth it!



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