The Chick Condo in My Backyard

There it is, “The Chick Condo.”

Can you believe that the little chicks are 6 weeks old already? I can’t either.


Look how big Sunshine has gotten. She has gone from little bitty chick to a “strutting my stuff,” teenager chick.

My how the time flew by.

Anywho, let me tell you all about getting the condo installed in the backyard.

I am not sure you remember when we bought the coop, but you can read about it here. We bought a chicken coop kit from Sam’s and it is a good thing we bought it when we did, cause Sam’s sold out of their chicken coops within a couple of weeks. Company volunteered to put the coop all together, but he had a wee bit of trouble reading the directions. You can read all about that here. A week we decided it was time to get the coop out of Company’s downstairs and into my backyard. The chicks had really gotten too big for their brooder, you can read about setting up a brooder here. So my son, the Super Hero, recruited a few of his buddies at his job to “volunteer” to go to the farm, load up the coop, come back to my house and set it up in my  backyard. It will only cost me some farm (city) fresh eggs in return. How great is that! I failed to tell them that it will take another 3 months or so before they get any eggs. OOOPS.

Here is the beginning of the big chicken coop move. The coop is really not that heavy, but it would be really awkward and difficult for two people (one being me) to try to carry the thing to the trailer. The fellas made short work of picking the coop up and carrying it over to the trailer.

Here is a picture where they almost have it on the trailer.

It took (too long) a while to get it all strapped down and secure on the trailer. But, I was glad the boys took such care, because we were going to be driving it on a interstate and the wind was blowing really hard that day. Half way to my house we had to stop and look the coop over because the wind was making it  shift on the trailer.

The boys (men) took just a little break carrying the coop to the back yard.

Once we got it in the back yard, Company decided to give the coop a another coat of stain and water sealant.

We let the little ladies check out their new digs for a few hours that night.

We waited a few days to totally move the chicks to the coop because last week it got below freezing here in Mid Missouri. The little ladies have been under the constant heat of a heat lamp since the day they were born. I did not think it was a great idea to just stick them out in freezing temps before getting them adjusted to the weather.

Now, that the days are staying warm. The fluffy feather chicks are now living in their new house full time.

I think the chicks really like their updated high rise condo.

Baby Grandgirl, loves watching the chicks in their new house.

And you know, that is what this is really all about. Getting the grandgirls outside and doing something, like taking care of the chicks, together as a family.

Now, we just have to be patient, waiting for the little hens to start laying eggs.

Time for me to fly the coop and get busy in the kitchen, cleaning…ugh!

Have a great day!



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