Cleaning Poopy Bottoms

Did I think I would be cleaning poop off of the baby chicks bottoms?

I think not : )

But, if a baby chicks has dried poop on their bottoms they can get clogged up and it could cause big problems.

So, Oldest Daughter (who was home sick today) checked all the baby chicks bottoms for poopy feathers.

All the chicks got a clean bill (butt) of health. Relief.

What she did not know is that I  already had to clean one bottom this morning before I left for work. The easter egger chick had some poopy droppings on her behind. A little warm water on some toilet paper and some soft rubbing took it right off.

All the babies are doing fine.

I have been told a couple of the chicks names. Oldest grandgirl named the Easter Egger, “Bunny,” and the yellow Buff Orpinton, “Sunshine.”

They sound like perfect names for me!

I have been a Mother Hen for officially 30 hours.

Whew, I am tired. : )



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