Call Me Mother Hen

Here is the newest additions to the family!

I was so excited to get off work today and go pick up the baby chicks. They came in this morning around 11am from a nursery in Lebanon MO. I had my list of what kind of chickens I wanted to buy. I was afraid that they would be out of the ones I wanted. The feed store told me last week that they would have a 100 of each one coming in and they still would have what I wanted by the time I got off.

The feed store I went to, to buy my chicks had a different brooder set up than the other feed stores. Their brooder was like a apartment complex for little chicks. They had feed stalls set up in the front and the little chicks would poke their heads through the opening to get the feed.

It was so comical to watch them with all their little heads out. There were two other families there buying chicks. It was certainly a family affair! They brought their children and as soon as the little chicks were placed in a box, the children and the chicks started getting acquainted.

I would have loved to stay and enjoy the moment, but Oldest daughter who does not cook, was sick and having car trouble. So I just told the lady at the feed store what kinds of chicks I wanted to buy.

The lady at the feed store, found a nice size box for me and filled the bottom with wood shavings. She sure was fast grabbing those little chicks up and putting them in the box.

Another lady from the feed store carried my little cargo to my car and I buckled them in the front seat. Since Oldest Daughter was having car trouble, I went to school to pick up Oldest Grandgirl.

She could not wait to hold one! She even has names for some of them already.

These are the kinds of chicks I purchased:

2–Rhode Island Reds

2–Barrel Plymouth Rocks

1–Buff Orpington

1– Easter Egger

The first thing we did when we got the chickens in the brooder was put their heads in the water so they could get a drink of water.

I also put paper towels down over the pine shavings to help keep the dust down, from the pine shavings, for a couple of days.

Then we put the little chicks in the brooder. They went right for the water.

I put a little floor thermometer on the floor of the brooder. I need to keep the temperatures around 95 degrees for the first week.

It is suppose to get cold tonight and snow.

My garage can get a little nippy when it is cold.

Maybe I should bring them into the house for the night….

I have room in my bathroom.

Then I can peek at them all night.

See….I really am a Mother Hen.



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