Stop and smell the flour!


I have postponed cooking with my students at school, as long as I could get away with it!

Every day they would ask, when they came in the classroom door, “When are we going to start cooking?”  Sigh

We have done some “baby” cooking as they call it. We have made microwave monkey bread,  microwave pop corn balls, and microwave frittatas.  Do you see a theme here?.

The students thought it was high time to use the “grown up” ovens.

Students and cooking and stoves……oh My!

One of the first things I let the students make in the oven is either biscuits or cookies. They decided to make biscuits. Of course, the main ingredient for biscuits is flour.  Usually, I can get free flour through the commodity program at school. The commodities are provided free or at a very low cost to the schools for the lunch program. What the schools feels like they have a surplus of, we (the FACS teachers) get to order. Flour, has been on the list for the 13 years I have been teaching.

This year is a little different.  The midwest was pretty much in a drought all summer and it has caused a drought in the flour availablity.

 I even loaned our school kitchen two bags of flour I just happen to have have on hand to make apple crisp. This was serious business!  What would school lunch be without their famous apple crisp????

 I felt like I had “saved the day” at lunch, you know kinda like the old Mighty Mouse cartoon…… FACS Teacher to save the day!…(ouch, that dates me doesn’t it?).

Bake, no, back to the flour shortage.

 I felt like Old Mother Hubbard, when I looked and saw my storage room was bare.

I was checking the sale ads in the paper and Hyvee had a two day sale on flour. UMMMM..I did not see a limit. I wondered if they would happen to have an extra 100 bags of flour just laying around. I wondered if I could get 100 bags of flour into my car. I wondered if I could talk 5 teachers into putting 20 bags of flour into their cars and bringing them to school. I wondered if I could required all my kids to bring in a bag of flour instead.

I wondered if I was crazy. Help!

I just decided to call Hyvee. To make a long story short….I got my flour for 99 cents a bag, they shopped  and delivered all 100 bags to my classroom. I even ordered 30 bags of sugar they had on sale too, you know, to sweeten the deal!


This is what my storage rooms looks like now with 100 bags of flour and 30 bags of sugar.

 Well…not really.

We used 3 bags of flour to make biscuits, (I will post about that later this weekend).  The students used one bag of sugar to put in their koolaide. Yes, the whole bag into one pitcher of koolaide. ok…almost a whole bag before I rescued the sugar from them.

Now, I can go into my storage room and look at all my flour. The pretty yellow color with blue trim…..and I can stop, and smell the flour.

Better than saying, “I can smell something burning, right?”

The day of a FACS teacher,


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