A Varmint In the Little Garden

Living in the city limits; having a 5 foot privacy fence around most of the yard and a chain link fence around the rest….I did not think I would have a varmint problem.

Well….I was wrong.

Some varmint or varmints are having a feast on my little plants and my almost ripe tomatoes.

See that hole in the ground in the picture above? That is their nice, warm, comfy and SAFE underground home. (in the next door neighbors yard)

I guess I should introduce you to my new neighbors….

Mama ground hog, baby ground hog and teenage rabbit.

I would post a picture of them, but they live undercover. I only see them when they are nibbling in my yard and I don’t have a camera on me before they dash down that hole. They may be running because I am chasing in them in what ever crazy looking outfit I have on. I would be scared too.

A few weeks ago, oldest grand girl and I added more soil to one end of the garden bed and we planted bush beans.

Here she is planting the seeds. We both had high hopes of eating some fresh green beans.

Here is what they look like now. Some critter has bitten off the top of them. As soon as the little beans has a few blooms on the stems, it is like ringing the dinner bell.

Not only are they munching on my beans, they are munching on my almost ripe tomatoes.

They only munch on the almost ripe ones too!

Anywho….this is my dilemma.

Do I move my containers that I am not using now to my patio and plant more beans? They do not like to go on the patio, or, they just do not like egg plant or peppers, because the containers there are not being touched.

OR…do I take out the tomatoes in one raised bed and plant all beans and maybe some turnip and put a wire fence around it (which will be kinda ugly) but, will keep the varmints/critters/tomato munching/ bean stealing/ furry creatures out of the garden.

What would you do?

Bean or not to Bean….

Are  you planting a fall garden?



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