Picking Veggies from the little garden with baby grand girl

Oldest daughter who does not cook had to work this morning, so I got to baby sit two of the grand girls. After a fine breakfast of Scooby Doo Cereal, baby grand girl and I decided to go pickin veggies from the little garden. We invited the little kittens on her feet to go too.

We found lots of blooms still blooming. I love the purple color of this egg plant variety. I would plant this for decorating even if I did not love eating egg plant.

We checked out all the artichokes plants too. I planted these babies from seeds way back in January or February and I have yet to get one little artichoke. I am going to wait a couple of more months to see what happens, but I might have “choked” on trying to grow artichokes. (Even if the package says you can harvest in one growing season).

The little basket is starting to fill up. (not everyone can grow a Micky mouse head).

We were able to pick some sweet banana peppers, a couple of yellow tomatoes, a bunch of cherry and tear drop tomatoes and some sweet orange peppers.

Here is our harvest, after baby grand girl ate some cherry tomatoes. The poor little white kittens on her feet got a little wet while I watered the garden….it looks like they need a bath. : )

We are all heading to the country to Company’s house for a little BBQ, I think hamburger and hot dogs are on the menu, this afternoon.

I hope everyone has a great Labor Day!

Drive Safe!





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