Happy Birthday to “A Small Town Kitchen!”

A Small Town Kitchens is one year old today! It is hard for me to believe That a year has gone by so fast!

This  little web page of mine was something I wanted to do for a long time before I actually took the plunge. Baby college girl help me set it up and get all the information filled in all the blanks. I remembering watching tons of you tube videos on how to do all of this and taking notes. Trying to decipher my scribbled notes was really fun too!

Thank you to my amazing family who does not mind me sharing them with you!

Minerva…you always keep me inspired. You are a rare gem of a friend! I wish I could spell better for you! ; )

To all my other friends who read this and who I occasionally write about, you all are irreplaceable to me!

Anywho, last but not least to all my readers who keep coming back, I am humbled by you!

Here is a link to my very first post www.asmalltownkitchen.com/?=21

Thank You Again!



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