Pickin’ Blackberries

I don’t know about you but I love pickin’ berries.

I can remember The Princess pickin’ gooseberries and making a pie…though I was not brave enough to try a green sour fruit pie….LOL. Years and Years ago, Niener Wiener and I went to our Aunt Pat and Uncle Larry’s farm and picked blackberries. We climbed over barb wire fences, walked through high grass and braved pickly thorns to pick our little black globes  of sweetness. When we were done,  Aunt Pat rewarded us with homemade tomato soup right out of a Campbell Soup can. We went home and made the best tasting blackberry jam.

Those memories make me smile!

I miss my Uncle Larry……real bad!

Anywho, yesterday I took the morning off (from still setting up classroom labs) and went blackberry pickin’ with two of my retired teachers friends, Carol and Jill.

If you look hard enough, you might be able to see Carol up this row.

I was late getting there, because of road construction, missed signs, not paying attention and basicaly spaceing off while I was driving till I was about 8 miles past where I was suppose to turn. My two teacher friends, called me and decided to go ahead and start picking. When I got there, I took my bucket and started walking down to where you can pick the blackberries. (This is a local ” you pick”  farm called, Pick and Pick). As I start walking toward their large blackberry patch,  I am walking down the ailses hollering “YouWhooooo,” trying to figure out where they are.  They are hollering back..”We can hear you, keep walking this way.”

the blackberry patch is way up ahead


“Your voice is getting closer….keep walking.”


“Oh Jill, I found a mother lode of berries!!!”


“Woohoo Carol, I found a mother lode of ripe berries over here!!”


“Oh Becky…I think you just need to walk down a couple of more rows….Jill…Becky is here….”


“I think one more row should do it!”


“We are down here! No here! Just a little farther..”

Whew….I felt like I was in a maze. But, I finally found my two buddies, and they did indeed find a mother lode of beautiful ripe berries.

I found some too!

I also found a adorable birds nest.

Not quite ripe berries, but they will be perfect next week for pickin”.

It was a beautiful day for pickin’ blackberries. It is beautiful too at Pick and Pick.

Pick and Pick has rows and rows of neatly trimed blackberries.

With a little help from Carol, this is what I came home with. Almost 8 pounds of super sweet blackberries. Let’s just hope I do not have the same fiasco as I did with all the corn, read about here.

I have already used 1 cup of the blackberries in a oat cake with blackberries and blueberries I made as soon as I got home with these blackberries. I will post the recipe later on today.

Right now, I better start freezing some of these blackberries and find jars for blackberry jam.

I hope you can find some time to go out and pick some berries.

It will bring you berry much pleasure….and be berry delicious!


2 thoughts on “Pickin’ Blackberries

  1. So much fun! I miss picking berries as a kid. My mom’s parents lived in a small town with a railroad track through it and so many berry bushes grew along that track. My grandma would send me out with a bucket and I would come back with a full bucket and tummy both lol!

    We’ve been talking about maybe going out to pick and pick with the boys, glad you had a great time picking, what a haul!

    • It was a great morning to pick berries! We had a great time, your boys would have a great time too! They should have berries for two more weeks he Sid. They are late because of the weather. My 8 pounds went pretty fast. I have missed hearing from you! Hope all is well!

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