Couponing at Hyvee

I never try to ignore couponing at Hyvee, it just happens.

But that all changed this past Monday.

In the Sunday paper, Hyvee had these great coupons that was good for Monday only. I meant to go before I went to school (to unpack some more) but alas I did not make it.

So, at 9:00 a night, I headed to Hyvee to use those awesome coupons.

 I picked up some bottle water for $1.99 with a coupon, 10 packages of ramen noodles (I got the oreintal kind because I need the seasoning pack for a pasta salad recipe I like to make) some tuna, some tomato sauce, a dozen eggs, some pork and beans, some margarine and two free bananas.

Yep! Two free bananas. The coupon was for one pound of free bananas, So….I grabed three bananas and took them to the scale to weigh them. I noticed a man watching me weigh the bananas. When I put one banana back cause it made it go over one half pound, he asked me how many bananas was a pound. I said two. So he grabed his two free bananas too.

I guess we all went a little bananas over Hyvee coupons.

I spent around $8.50 for everything.

Anywho….Hyvee has more coupons you can use the next two days (Thurs and Fri). Just grab their sale add as you go intot the door, and save, save, save.

This time the coupon is for .38 cents for a pound bananas. (I am pretty sure that is the right amount)

So that means you can get two bananas for. 38 cents.


Now, I will peel out and go to bed.

Yes, this is corny humor but I can’t help it…

Happy Shopping! Time for me to banana spilt!

(Sorry, I could not resist one more banana joke)



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