Buying More Corn

Alas, I think I am going to have to buy more corn.

Am I kidding???


Am I crazy??


Here is my dileimma….yes, same corn dilemma that I had yesterday.

I bought 120 ears of corn to process into, freezer corn, corn soup, corn relish and just plain old corn on the cob.

I bought the corn last week.

As of yesterday I only had about 55 ears of corn left.

(After freezing 10 bags, making corn soup, hiding ears in the Princess’s refrigerator and begging Rachel to take some off my hands)

I was planning on making corn relish with the rest of it.

This is when all the interesting things started happening.

Well……Daughter who does not cook’s car broke down, I had to take her to work. Then have her car towed. Then have meeting at school. Then got sent to price equipment for new classrooms. Then picked up Daughter. Then took her to get her car. Then had to go get car seat in drive way. Then met everyone at day care. Then went to eat at┬ácheap pasta place becaue we were all too tired to care what we ate.

When I finally got home and got a good look at the corn, it looked a little old and shiveled up.

I decided I did not want to spend hours on it, if it was not in prime condition.

So…I learned my lesson.

Lesson Number One….Do not buy more corn than you can process in a couple of days.

Lesson Number Two…Buy more corn when you run out.

Anywho…I will be buying more corn, if I plan on making the corn relish.

I will leave you with this riddle….

What vegetable can you throw away the outside, cook the inside, eat the outside and throw away inside?

Take a guess…

Corn… : D


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