Morning with the Amish, Peaches and Hand Pies.

Don’t worry….I did not buy all this corn on the cob.

This morning I got up with the chickens and met my friend Carol to go to Amish country. Our mission was to purchase the best peaches in the world.

During the month of June a nearby Amish store sells peaches every Wednesday. I think they get their peaches brought on the train, but I am not totally sure on that.

Carol drove us down in her husbands BIG pickup. We had lots of room to buy as many boxes of peaches as our, eyes that are bigger than our practicallity, could buy.

When we got there we quickly went to the produce side of the store.

The produce was laid out in nice neat rows. The vegetables looked amazing.

BUT….where are the peaches?

If you look in the picture above, the peaches should be in those boxes against the wall.

When I seen all those  boxes, I knew I was in peaches jam, cobblers and pie heaven.

I opened one of the boxes and all I saw was tomatoes.

Beautiful, red ripe tomatoes…


Where are the peaches???

Alas, they had already sold all 196 boxes of peaches before we got there.


People were waiting in line for the Amish to open their doors at 6 a.m. this morning. (now you believe that these are the best peaches in the world)


So, Carol and I decided to buy corn instead.

120 ears of corn a piece.

Yes, we are known to be crazy at time.

Though…..our day was not totally a waste.

There was fresh hand pies sitting on the shelves to buy.

The famous hand pies!

Usually they only sell warm hand pies on Friday and Saturday, but since it was Peaches Wednesday, they decided to make them today.

We both bought 5 a piece.

I bought, blackberry, strawberry and cream, cherry and  cream, mixed berry and apple. They also had pecan and coconut cream.

This is what I came home with. 120 ears of corn, 2 pounds of green beans and 1 pound of new potatoes and  5 fresh Hand Pies.

Next Wednesday, if we want to get some peaches, we need to forget about getting up with the chickens.

We need to get up with the roosters!

Anywho, if they are sold out of peaches…I can always buy some more hand pies.

Mine are gone already!

If you have any good corn recipes, send them my way.

My crystal ball says I have corn in my future,




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