A Salad Fit for A Princess

This morning I had to leave bright and early and take the Princess to her mammogram appointment.

For those out there that do not know, my mom, the Princess had breast cancer  5 years ago.

The great news is that she is a cancer survivor.

She goes to get a mammogram every 6 months to make sure she stays that way.

Niener Wiener or Jeanie Beanie take the  Princess to a lot of her appointments, but since I am, “kinda off,” for the summer, I try to take a few turns.

Anywho, bright and early this morning, before I left town to take mom to appointment, I checked on my little garden.

I noticed that I needed to harvest the rest of the lettuce.


I had already taken her one bag of fresh lettuce, to her and dad a couple of weeks ago. Mom was telling me how much she enjoyed the lettuce and that she even put in a few of the kale leaves I took to her, in the salad too.

So I cut The Princess,  some fresh lettuce.

Remember those little onion seedlings I planted months ago?

Here is what they looked like a few months ago, when I started them from seed in the house.

I thought The Princess would like a few green onions for her salad.

Here is what they look like now.

I am so happy that I did not kill all of them….I want to cry.

See what I few onions can do to me… : D.

I grew the lettuce and the onions in a upside down planter, that I bought from Sam’s a few years ago.

I am really glad that the lettuce was up off the ground because I think I have a little rabbit nibbling on some of my little plants. Grrrr….

The planter is about 4 feet off the ground, and tomatoes plants hang down underneath the planter.

This is what it looked like a couple of weeks ago. Below is a picture of the tomato plants hanging down underneath it.

Can a rabbit jump 4 feet high?

I think I am going to pull up the rest of the lettuce, add more potting soil and plant bush beans in it now.

Is is too late to plant bush beans???

Should I wait till I do a fall garden?


I have missed everyone out there! I think my life is back to a normal rhythm so expect me to be back posting on a regular basis





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