Moving IN


Whew….I spent weeks packing and now I am unpacking….

When you start getting equipment in for a new foods lab  you get seven of everything; six kitchens and a teacher set for demos.

Doen’t Emeril take a good picture?


I am slowly but surely getting all my cooking magazines unpacked. Don’t they look great in those cubbies???

I wish I just had a kitchen aid mixer this size at home. I have not put them in kitchens yet. Trying to figure out what goes in what cabinet and what goes in what drawer.

It reminds me of the comic skit, “what’s on base….who’s on first…”

I have this new fangled washing machine too.

I tried using it the first time last week and I could not even get the thing to turn on. Frustrated, I just happen to look behind the washer and it was not plugged in….jeepers.  Anywho, it is so fancy, I had to watch it in action the first time I used it. It kind of spins the clothes a little, then stops, spins again and stops…..I think it has a brain….it thinks about how much water to use and how heavy the load is.

It may have a brain, but it works kinda slow….I was about ready to get out my wash board….well not really….my brain told me it was hard work using a wash board.

Just wanted to touch base with everyone, and let you know that I am surviving and getting all settled in my new school.

I took pictures tonight of my little garden too.

I will harvesting my first lettuce this weekend…woohooo!

Tomorrow is Friday…yippee!



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