Secret Hiding Place

Do you have a secret hiding place?

Well, I do.

At least until my kiddos get around to ever to reading this post.

Everyone needs a secret hiding place.


It is getting harder and harder for me to find a place to hide things with my nosey little grand girls.

But I think I found the perfect place.

Way back in the dinosaur age, I bought a pressure cooker.

It had been stored away, literally for years and years. See that dust on top? That is dinosaur dust… lie.

Anywho, I brought it back from the brink of death and took it to a canning class I took last summer at the local Extention Office.

Beside showing us how to properly can and preserve food safely, they also checked out our pressure cookers to make sure they were safe to use. Mine almost passed inspection. I need a new rubber gasket and a new pressure valve. It will cost about $40 for parts which is way better than paying over $100 for the size of one I have now.

Sorry, I got off topic.

After the class was over, I carried the pressure cooker back into the house and sat it down by my china cabinet.

And there she be, for over a year now.

I am pathetic.

My Oldest Daughter who does not cook bought me one of my favorite Easter candies of all time. Those chocolate covered marshmallow eggs that come in those egg cartons. I love those things. I sat them by my computer, and ate one, then two, then three…..I was going for the fourth one, when it dawned on me I could hide them from my marshmallow egg loving self and they would last longer.

I looked around and saw my pressure cooker sitting innocently there on the floor.

Eureka! The perfect hiding place.

I went over to hide my eggs and a bag of malted eggs (also one of my favorites). I took off the lid and…..

SURPRISE!!! I found my Holloween candy I hid in there back in November.

See, I told you it was a great hiding place.

Now my eggs are inside the cooker all safe and sound.

Until I need to hid more candy.

MMMMM……. that snickers bar looks pretty good to me right now.

Have a great Monday!

I am off to the big city (St. Louis) to do some fabric shopping with a friend of mine. Wahoo!!!

Have a great Monday!


P.S. You can’t even tell there is candy in there can you?????

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