Watching it Snow….Again

Here is a gander out my front door.

How does it look outside your front door?

Central Missouri got lucky again (not) and we are looking for totals of  6 to 9 inches of snow.

You can snow me over….

Doesn’t mother nature know it is the fifth day of spring.

Here is a little peek of spring flowers from my front yard.

I hope they like snow.

Anywho, I am watching movies, cleaning my kitchen, making chili, baking the best ever corn bread (I will share that recipe later on today) and trying to talk myself out of taking a nap.

How are you spending your Sunday?



2 thoughts on “Watching it Snow….Again

  1. I couldn’t believe what it looked like when I opened our windows this morning! What is going on?

    That picture of the flowers is gorgeous!

    We’re spending out Sunday in too…. come one picnic weather! Where are you?


    • Good Morning!
      I still cannot believe what it looks like outside. At least the snow plows came through. All my kiddos made it to work just fine too. I am going to pretend it is spring and plant my tomato, kale and swiss chard inside today. I hear ya on the picnic weather! I think we had that back in January hehe

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