Digging Out

I have missed you!

If you live in Mid Missouri, you know that we have been hammered with back to back snow storms.

We missed two days of school last week.

We have missed two days of school this week, so far. They are making a decision about whether to have school tomorrow,  later on today.

You probably are thinking that I am  jumping for joy, laughing through the roof tops and watching every old movie on Netflix while I drink heaping cups of hot chocolate with a ton of miniature marshmallows floating on top.

This in not entirely the case.

I have been shoveling snow, then coming in and drinking hot chocolate : ).

Can you barely see the tops of my solor lights?

Two days ago, I had all this shoveled out, all the way out to the street.

 All 11 1/2 inches of snow.

 I know how much snow, cause the oldest grand girl measured the snow every hour.

Now, I need to shovel, again.

My poor gazing ball and little metal birdies look buried too.

Yesterday, we even lost electricity and the internet was down for over 24 hours. (that was why you have not heard from me).

My car is buired in the driveway, the front walk needs shoveled again, and I think I might be out of hot chocolate. : )

And oldest grand girl stuck the shovel in the middle of front yard.


I don’t know.

I hope everyone is safe and warm in thier houses!

That is where you will find me, until I decided to go rescue the shovel.


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