Snow Art


What do you do when you are stuck in a house with 10 inches of snow outside?

How do you entertain yourself?

Do you get out all the Harry Potter movies out and watch them all from start to finish? Or maybe Lonesome Dove. Better yet, all the Lord of the Rings extended play movies.

Do you read?

Maybe read a little Hunger Games, James Patterson, or read all the Harry Potter books from book one  to book seven? Can you tell I love HP?

I usually bake something or putter in the kitchen or my sewing room.

My oldest daughter who does not cook, shovel snows and plays word games on her phone.

My son, the super hero, goes and picks up his stranded friends and gives them rides home. See I told you he was a super hero.

Baby grand girl, watches her mommy, oldest daughter who does not cook, shovel snow from the window.

Oldest grand girl, well she stays busy making snow art.

Here is some of her masterpieces:


She calls this masterpiece, “My future Snowman.” See the carrot in the snow?

I think that is my pampered chef spatula. I paid a fortune for that thing. Good Grief, I was looking for it this morning!

Her next masterpiece is a, “Snow Angel.”

Next one, is her half snow angel.

Her Crystal Ornament is next.

And LAST……..

Here is her Snow Bathers.

I don’t know how those Barbis are keeping a smile on thier face?


Are you still snowed in? Are you out and about?

Happy Snow Day, and remember…

Beauty (snow art) is in the eyes of the beholder.



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