Never Go To The Store Hungry


Rumble, Rumble, Rumble…..

“Yes, stomach I hear you.”

“I know I only fed you diet stuff all day and you are missing your extra 500 or more calories you are used to having, but can you be quiet already?”

Has this ever happen to you? You are trying to shop, count your coupons, weave through traffic with a cart wearing a cold wet coat, trying to get your shopping done as fast as you can. Then you hear it. The rumble and the deep voice saying, “feed me, feed me”.

“Ok already, if I buy you some pork chops will you be quiet?”


After school today, I stopped by Gerbes to buy a few items trying to use some coupons that expire in two days. Some item I wanted were out of stock and some items they did not carry. But, one item that was not on my list and I did not have a coupon for was pork chops.

I was craving pork chops or rather my stomach was craving pork chops.

So guess what? I bought some.


Here is what I bought tonight at Gerbes:

4 bags of Popcorn Indian.  

4 bags of Baked Natural Crackers (I love these with sliced deli meat for my lunch at work)

4 bags of steamfresh frozen vegetables

4 cans chicken of sea tuna

2 packages of Starfish tuna pouches

6-two liter bottles of Pepsi (my son the super hero will be so excited)

4 cans petite diced Hunts tomatoes

1 large packages of PORK CHOPS

My reciept says I spent $24.45


my four coupons for Indian Popcorn was not on there.

So when you take another $4.00 off ( four .50 cent doubled coupons) for my refund using my coupons.

I only spent $20.45 and that included my $13.25 package of yummy pork chops.

I also stopped by Hyvee to get some items that was going off of sale today.


I bought:

2 dozen eggs

4 one pound packages of Farmland sausage

16 packages of budding single serve lunch meat (super hero loves these)

Bunch of bananas (I go bananas over banans)

container of fresh blueberries (I love blueberries)

I spent a total of $14. 60

Total spent this week (so far) is $34.60.

Can you guess what we had for dinner???

Yes, you got it right!

Fried Pork Chops.

My stomach is so happy right now : )

Does your stomach tell you what you should have for dinner? Does it rule the roost, so to speak?

Don’t worry if it does, it happens to all of us : ).

Happy Couponing!





2 thoughts on “Never Go To The Store Hungry

  1. Absolutely love love the ice cream story. What a great teacher you are! Nothing wrong with our schools when they are stocked with teachers like you.

    • Minerva, you are a gem! I can only wish to be as good as a teacher as you are! Thank you so much for all your encouragement with my blog.

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