Week Three: Onion Seed Update


Help, I need Water!!!!


I guess I was not listening our paying attention.

My little onion seedlings need more water than I am giving them.

They were all just kinda laying down yesterday, looking peaked. The soil felt cool next to their little roots so I was thinking they had plently of water.


They look so much better today.

Whew….being a Mama onion is hard work.

I am not sure I am quite peeled out for the job….or diced up enough to do it….

Ok, no more onion jokes….I don’t want to make you cry.


Here it a little picture overview of my little darlings.


                                  Planting Seeds                                                                       Week One


                                     Week Two                                                                            Week Three

Grow Babies Grow.

2 thoughts on “Week Three: Onion Seed Update

  1. hehe, yeah- onions like lots of water. Onions are normally a pot plant for us (idk why, that’s just how we tend to grow onions and peppers both. Habit I suppose) I always feel like I’m going to drown them or rot them out somehow with all the water it takes to keep onions looking happy.

    • I am going to start watering them a little bit everyday. They are in the sun everyday and I think they are drying out. Poor little babies : ).

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