Surviving a Three Day Weekend

It is now 9:30 p.m. on Monday and I can now officially say, I survived my three day weekend.

I love long weekends, I really do.

But this weekend was jam packed!

Here is a few things I did this weekend…..though not in order.

Dirty Dishes on Saturday morning!

Two hours of cleaning the kitchen.

Coupon shopping. (see I really do buy something besides cereal)

Planting artichoke seeds. I really think I have gone over the dirt…no deep end!

Update on onion seedlings. They are so cute it makes me want to cry.

Eating pasta salad with almost in the trash olives.

I think I did all of this just on Saturday.

My baby college girl came home for the weekend on Saturday night.

She has joined weight watchers and has signed up for two 5 k races. So, baby college girl is in training.

Sunday morning, in 24 degree weather baby college girl had me and oldest grand girl walking, running and FREEZING around the local lake at a nearby park. The only time I attempted to run was when I seen the car.

Sunday night, oldest daughter who does not cook had her Christmas party where she works.

Monday, Me and baby college girl babysat the grand girls all day….

Tomorrow, I go back work. Good thing too!

I need some rest : D

I hope you had a great three day weekend and you are refreshed and revived to start another week.

Only four days left before another weekend.


I need to go to bed to rest up.


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