After Christmas Bargains

Did any of you go out and brave the crowds and get any good bargains yesterday?

Or, did you have to go out and return clothes you got as a gift that was the wrong size, buy clothes the right size or purchase new shoes with a gift card?

I admire you if you did.

I stayed home and tried to figure out the movie, Tinker, Soldier, Spy, Tailor or it is Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy?

See the name even confuses me. I had to restart the movie twice, watch parts of it three times and finally cheated and went to wikipedia (because everything you read there is factual, right? hehe) and read the plot synopsis. Did anyone go see this movie? Did you fall asleep or have to stay and watch it twice to figure out who was the beggerman?

Whew….I think it might have been easier to go shopping.

My oldest daughter who does not cook did go out and get some bargains. She has been planning this day as soon as she spotted the AXE coupons for $3.75 off a holiday box of cologne.  Walmart had the boxes for around $9.89. She figured if they were marked down half price to around $4.50 a box and you could use the $3.75 coupon off then you could get them for $1.25 each.

She did even better!

She got all of these for $6.00.

$1.00 each after using the $3.75 coupon.

Whoo hooo!

I had 6 coupons and she had 5. So, she bought 11 in total.

 My son the super hero, who was out of shampoo has already found one box…..maybe he is the beggerman?

Maybe I need to watch the movie again?

I am still confused.


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