Christmas Dinner


What was on your menu?

Every holiday meal with my family, we usually have certain dishes that we have to (are expected) to bring.

My sister, Niener Wiener, has to bring her cauliflower salad. Last year she tried to sneak in a healthy dressing on it instead of the usual Spin Blend. Everyone could taste the difference. My younger sister, Jeanie Beanie, has to bring her green bean casserole and fruit salad. She can’t skimp on the little crunchy fried onions on top either. My younger brother, Robert makes the mashed potatoes, twenty pounds of them. Yes, they are that good!

Me, I bring the deviled eggs. 

This is what happens when you are known to make something so good, so delicious, so delectable and , more importantly, is what Mom tells you to bring.

The Princess (my mom) still reigns.

I came up with my own deviled egg recipe years ago. You are going to laugh too, when I tell you that I generally do not eat eggs.

Nope, I do not eat eggs, except for an occasional deviled egg.

I do love to make an omelet, quiche, souffle and a morning casserole with eggs. You just won’t be seeing me lining up to eat it. So, in the process of cooking with eggs, that I do not like to eat, I had to figure out a deviled egg recipe that I would at least sample.

It has Miracle Whip, mustard, salt, sugar, sweet relish and of course eggs as the staring ingredients.

They are simple and honest. Why complicate deviled eggs with a lot of nonsense ingredients?

Look the recipe over, and if your Princess Mom asks you bring some deviled eggs at your next family meal together, you might try this recipe.



Put your eggs into cold water and heat to boiling on the stove. Boil your eggs for 4 minutes and then let them sit in the hot water for at least 25 minutes. I use eggs that I have had have for a week or so. I try not use fresh bought eggs if I can help it. I think a little older eggs are easier to peel.


I usually peel one egg and slice it in half to make sure they are done. If you see a ring of green around the yolk, you have boiled them too long. It is a chemical reaction and it does not hurt the flavor of the eggs. These look like they are just right.


Now here comes the fun part, peeling the eggs. If your eggs are cooperating, the shells will come off pretty easily. If they are being stubborn it can be a test of wills of who will win. The messed up ones can always go into to an egg salad. Just keep reminding yourself that : ).   


After you get them all peeled, slice the eggs in half, lengthwise.

Take the little  golden yolks out of the boiled eggs and put them in a bowl.

I beat the eggs up with a mixer a bit before I add the rest of the ingredients. Add the Miracle Whip, sugar, sweet relish, mustard and salt.

With an electric mixer, mix all the ingredients together. I do not know how ladies used those hand held rotary beaters way back when.  Be sure a do a little taste test to make sure you have just the right amount of salt and pickle relish.

Fill the centers of each egg with a spoonful of filling.


After you get all the eggs filled, it is time to go find the paprika.

Sprinkle a little paprika on them to give them a little color.

That is all there is to making deviled eggs.

Peeling eggs did not take me near as long as peeling 20 pounds of potatoes….sorry Robert : ).

Here is the recipe!

Deviled Eggs


1 dozen eggs (I use eggs I bought the week before)

1/2 cup Miracle Whip

3 tablespoons sweet relish

1 tablespoon sugar

1 teaspoon mustard

salt to taste


Put the eggs in large pan and cover the eggs with cold water. Bring the eggs to a boil and boil for 4 minutes. Take the eggs off the heat and let them sit in the hot water for at least 25 minutes.

Peel and rinse the eggs. Cut the eggs in half lengthwise. Take all the yolks out and put them in a mixing bowl.

Add the Miracle Whip, sweet relish, sugar, mustard and salt to the egg yolks and mix together until smooth.

Fill each egg with a spoonful of the yolk filling. Garnish with paprika.


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2 thoughts on “Christmas Dinner

  1. I have been making deviled eggs for forever and learned some new preparation tips….and I’ve never used relish but I will try it next time. Love the pictures! Keep up the good work! Dana

    • Hi Dana! Can you believe we go back to work tomorrow already? Thank you so much for your support and kind comments on my web page. You keep me motivated!!!

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