The Countdown Continues!

Yes, I am still counting down to Christmas….are you?

This is what the little advent tree looked like yesterday with a total of 18 ornaments;17 were the original ornaments. I was missing day 17 because it got broken several years ago. You can read all about it here at Countdown to Christmas.

I have been worried about day 17 since I got the tree down from my closet. I still have not found a small glass ballerina slipper ornament. I just have to let that go and put something else on instead. My oldest grand girl chose a little church ornament. I thought it was very fitting, as I was being a little…ok…very selfish with my little advent tree. I think there is a bible verse that talks about sharing…”Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth……Matthew 6:19-21. Wonder if my oldest grand girl read that bible verse…..anywho….

Here is the lastest countdown on the ornaments. I left off at day 9….so here we go!


       Day 10                                             Day 11


          Day 12                                       Day 13                                        Day 14


           Day 15                                           Day 16


         Day 17                                         Day 18

I know it is the 19th and I do not have today’s ornament on yet. I am waiting until my oldest grand girl can help me put it on the tree.

I am beginning to learn my lesson!

I enjoy the little advent tree so much more when I can share it with others. So, I am waiting until I see her tomorrow to add the ornament.

Tomorrow is the 20th….and that means there is will be only 5 more days till Christmas….

But, today is the 19th and I still have 6 : ).

I hope you are farther along in your shopping, cooking, baking, gift giving, card sending and candy eating than I am.



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