The Sock Stocking Tradition Continues!

If you read my post from yesterday, you know that I was out of town the whole day and, what a day that was! When we delivered my parents safe and sound back to their house, I stayed to watch her open her goodie bags from her siblings. It was so darn cute. She got cookies, and chocolate, some candles, a kitchen towel, a can of nuts, a sun catcher and she always gets a calendar from her brother Jerry.

I watched her taste a little sampling of everything! The Princess was in goodie heaven!

Dad was more interested in the sock stockings. Mom wanted to leave her stuff her sock, but Dad could not wait to see what was hidden inside his. The sock stockings has been a tradition in my Mom’s family for as far back as I remember. My Grandpa would fill up socks and give it to his children for Christmas. When I was growing up, we would have to get in the car to go to my grandparents house so Mom could get her stocking. Who says you have to get big expensive presents to make you happy? That stocking meant more to her that a gift card to McDonalds! My Aunt Lily keeps the tradition going by filling stockings for all the brothers and sisters. This year Dad got one too, so this is why he was so excited to see what was inside!


He was like a magician when he pulled out the large candy candy out of the stocking. He pulled out an apple and orange too.

He pulled out bags of candy and peanuts.

There is still one more goodie in the stocking. You want to take a guess?


It was a popcorn ball!

I am adding polident to Dad’s Christmas List : ). 

Before I left to drive home, Dad was telling Mom that when she emptied her stocking he would take her sock and add it to his sock, he would have a new pair of socks.

Gifts that keep on giving are the best kind, especially when they keep your feet (and heart) warm too!




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