Countdown to Christmas

Are you counting down to Christmas already?

Yesterday on December 1st, I got out my advent tree. It is a little tree with lights that has a ornament to put on the tree each day until Christmas.

A few years ago I put the tree in the top of my bedroom closet. It has been there ever since.

Until yesterday.

You see, one of the ornaments had gotten broken. It was a mystery. I came home and the little balarina slipper for Dec. 17th was in several pieces on the table.

Ouuuu….it seems no one would tell me exactly how it happened.

In a rash decision of grinchyness, I took the tree and the ornaments away and put them in the top of my closet.

Everytime I got in my closet I would see that little tree, with 16 ornaments hanging on it, reminding me that it had a broken ornament. As the years passed, dust was started to settle on the little branches. I looked at all the local stores, on line, out of town stores and flea markets trying to find a tiny little balarina slipper. I was determined to fine one.

I still have not found one.

I will never fine one either.  Because, as long as that little tree stayed in my closet, where no one could enoy it, I was not going to find a replacement for the tiny little balarina slipper glass ornament.You want to know why?

Grinches do not get present they really want!

Ouch! That hurt to say that!

So yesterday, oldest grand girl and I got out the Advent Christmas Tree and started setting it up.


I took off all the ornaments and dusted off the little tree. We carefully wrapped and put each ornament back into it’s little matching box.

We got the lights turned on and oldest grand girl put on the December 1st. ornament.

The countdown to Christmas has begun!

For me, my grinchy heart grew 10 sizes that day!

December 1st in a poinsetta ornament. Later today I will post the December 2nd ornament.

I need to go now and cover my green face with makeup to go shopping. I only have 23 days left before Christmas!

Enjoy you day!


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