Canning Season Has Begun

Yes, I know….for some serious “canners” you have been canning all year, but for me with my school schedule, my canning is more seasonal, to go along with summer break. I had a little break last week and was off (for the most part) the whole week. Summer school starts tomorrow though. But anywho, last week I drove my friend Carol to the Amish Produce Auction. I brought home a few goodies, my favorite being the fresh picked strawberries. The prices were pretty high, but I was able to buy a small box for $11.00. woohooo!! So I took them to school and put them in the fridge (so my grandchildren would not eat them) and later in the week I made my first couple of batches of strawberry jam. I was able to get 8 pints in all.

Good thing too….cause we were totally out of strawberry jam. If you have never made jam before, start with strawberry jam. It is easy and delicious AND if it does not set up, it makes a perfect strawberry syrup for pancakes, pies and cakes. Though, I am confident yours will turn out.  : )

I love the deep red color of this batch of jam. I think it is from the smaller, sweeter berries from the Amish. I am really going to try again to get a big strawberry patch going. Produce auctions are a ton of fun, but I would rather be picking things fresh from my own little backyard. : )

Here is the link to my previous post on how to make strawberry jam. It has step by step pictures and the recipe. No secret recipe. I just use the recipe from surjell package. It always works for me.

Oh….and if you need some homemade biscuits to go with that jam, here is my favorite recipe on how to make baking powder biscuits.

Have a wonderful Sunday!