Lastest Coupon Deals

I headed out after work on Tuesday to pick up two last minute couponing deals before the ads changed on Wednesday.

This is what i was able to buy.


I did a sale price match up with another store and bought 5 Dawn dish washing liquids at 99 cents each. With 5-.50 cent coupons that doubled, I bought all 5 Dawn dish washing liquids for FREE!



At Hyvee they had a $3.00 off coupon if you bought three Mio water enhancers. I had three coupons I could stack with it. Super Dopper! The problem was, I put two $1.50 coupons in my purse and just got out the $1.00 coupon I printed. In my rush to get out the door and vote before I had to drive across town for meeting for school, I left the $1.00 coupon at home. I looked for 20 minutes in my car in the parking lot over this $1.00 coupon. I found the coupon as soon as I got home. Double Drats!

Oh well….this is how my deal worked. I bought:

3 Mio water enhancers and used 2-$1.50 coupons and a $3.00 Hyvee coupon. Plus when you purchase 3 mios you get a $2.00 catalina to use on your next purchase. So, I paid $4.69 (would have been $3.69 if I had my other coupon) plus I received a $2.00 catalina. The Mios were on sale for $3.49 each, so only paying about $1.56 for each one with out taking into account the $2.00 catalina I recieved at check out,  not too bad.

Now, I can drink a little enhanced water while I use the Dawn dishwashing liquid to wash the dishes…….fun fun…..

I think I need a drink…..of peach tea mio….before I get started.



Cooking for a Super Hero! Honey Chicken over Rice.

Faster than a speeding bullet…..oops wrong super hero….or comic strip…..It is Captain America!

My son has dressed in many different costumes growing up. My favorite was when he was a Ninja Turtle. It had a green turtle foam back for the shell and it even came with a sword. I still have that costume. I think it fits about a 5 toddler. My son used to draw Ninja Turtles all over the house. He even made ninjas out of clay.

Now, he is ready to fight bigger and more evil bad guys as Captain America.

Don’t tell him he is missing his shield, it might hurt his super powers.

Since my daughter told me I could not go out to eat over the weekend, I needed to see what I could make to feed everyone, especially a super hero, with what groceries I already had at home. I remember seeing a post of a recipe made in a crock pot on a blog  I love to follow. The blog is One hundred dollars a month. The recipes is made in a crock pot. It is super easy to make which makes it even better!

The first thing you need to do is get out all the ingredients.


Of course the most important ingredient is the chicken. I used 2 packages of skinless boneless chicken breast I got on sale and put in the freezer. I did thaw the chicken first for this recipe.  I hurried and rough chopped the onion. Onion chopping makes me cry!

Put the  thawed chicken in the crock pot.


Mince fresh garlic. I did not like the look of mine, so I used garlic powder. Next, measure out the honey and then the soy sauce.

Measure out the ketcup.

Put onions, honey, soy sauce, garlic and ketchup into a bowl.

Add in the olive oil and some red peppers flakes (if you want a little kick) I conveniently could not find mine….oops..hehe

Pour the honey mixture over the chicken.

Put a lid on the crock pot and cook on low for 4 hours.

When the chicken is ready to serve, it is time to make the rice.

I had a partically used box from Aldi’s and a new box I bought with a coupon. I used two kinds of rice so I finish using the used box. I just followed the directions on the box.

Take the chicken out of the crock pot and slice into bite size pieces.

Put it back into the crock pot to get it covered in the honey sauce and pour over the rice.

I do want to say a couple of things about this recipe. First, I left mine in the crock pot too long. It was done cooking and the crock pot went to warm for a couple of hours. During this time the chicken absorbed the dark color of the soy sauce. It did not hurt the taste too much. The picture might not look as appealing if I would have taken it out sooner.  Because of that, I almost did not post this recipe.

The only thing that changed my mind was that…..

Captain America ate two helpings and then ate it again as left overs today…….

If a super (picky eater) hero goes backs for seconds, and again as left overs, then this recipe has the power!

One last note, my oldest grand girl took most of the pictures for this recipe. Not too bad for a elementary school grader. She even helped load the dishwasher! Go Grand girl!

I need to go and recharge my lightsaber.


Honey Chicken over Rice


4 to 6 skinless boneless chicken breasts

1 small onion chopped

1 cup honey

1/2 cup soy sauce

1/4 cup ketchup

3 cloves of garlic minced

2 tablespoons olive oil

1/2 teaspoon red peper flakes

salt and pepper to taste


Lightly salt and peper the chicken. Put the chicken in a crock pot. Mix all the other ingredients together and pour over the chicken. Cook for 3 to 4 hours on low on the crock pot.

Make rice according to package.

When the chicken is done, take it out of the crock pot and slice into bite size pieces. Put chicken back into sauce. Scoop chicken and sauce and pour over rice.








I Wanted To Eat Out BUT Oldest Daughter Told Me NO!

I really wanted to eat out sometime over this last weekend.

I mean, I really wanted to eat out. I did not feel like cooking! I was tired! It was Friday! I was desperate!

I would have even eaten at the all you can eat, not so good, pizza place.

But, oldest daughter told me no……What nerve! : )

Actually,  she told me that she was saving for Christmas and that eating out cost too much money.

How could I argue with that? Eating out does cost more than small change. I was trying to rationalize the cost of cooking at home so I could defend myself if I went out to eat.  mmmm electricity for the kitchen lights, water for the dishwasher….let’s see….even the microwave cost for the little ping sound of the timer. The wear and tear on my socks as I walk in the kitchen making myself something to eat. UGH! this was not working, I was going to have to cook and eat at home.

And I did. Chicken fajitas with blue chips and salsa. I bet you were afraid I would starve. This came from left overs and a can of chicken I had in the cupboard. It was probably better than all you can eat pizza. I bet I will get a hole in my sock from standing in front of the stove. But, it did not cost me a thing.

I guess I probably saved $8.00 instead of going to the, not so good, all you can eat, pizza place.

I did not go out to eat all weekend. I cooked at home and used what I had bought with coupons and items on sale.

I figured I saved another $8.00 for a least one more meal out. I am not talking about high price dinning out. This is like a Subway, Hyvee all you an eat salad bar or maybe a french dip from Arby’s.

What can you buy with $16.00 at the store with coupons.

For $15. 84 cents I bought:

4 boxes Stove top stuffings

4  cans Carnation Evaporated milk

4  cans Delmonte diced tomatoes

2 cans of Green Giant Corn

2  bags Jett Puff marshamllows

2 containers of Cool Whip

2 tubes of Cresent rolls

12 boxes of Green Giant frozen veggies

This was a savings of 72%

So instead of eating out, I used the money to pick up a few bargains that I can use at a later date when my oldest daughter tells me No, we are not going out to eat.

By the way…..she just texted me….this is what it says….Ok. I have a bad headache and just dont feel very well. Grabbing McDs for dinner.

What the nerve!!!!




Cotton Candy or Fairy Floss

Our All School Party was last night. The theme of the night was something like, “around the world.” Each booth was suppose to represent a country. My club owns a cotton candy machine. Yep….a cotton candy machine. Not one of those little table top ones, but one that you can rent out for a party. A few years ago the local rental place was having a garage sell….and well…I bought one! I told the sponsor in charge of the party that we were United States because we were selling cotton candy. She asked me if I knew that in Australia it was called Fairy Floss.

Fairy Floss! We were going to be Australians for the night. That is right mate!

Our cotton candy/fairy floss maker is pretty old. It is missing it’s plastic dome that sits on top. When you make cotton candy, whiffs of cotton candy float around in the air. Eventually you are covered with webs of cotton candy. It looks like a halo of pink and blue floss floating in the air. Our machine does not like to get started either. You have got to help it along to get the spinner start spinning.  Reminds me of those old cars you had to get out and crank the crank and then give it a good kick. Once it does start spinning, the whole contraption starts rattling and vibrating. WoooHoo! That noise is the sign that it is time to get the paper cones out and start wrapping the cotton candy on it.

Remember my good friend who helped me make all those cheesecakes? Besides being a number one red velvet cheesecake maker, she is also my co-sponsor for my club. She came prepared by wearing a ball cap to shield her hair and face from the wisps of floating candy. I forgot to wear mine…drats!

We had a good number of club members to help run the machine. So, great sponsors that we are, we taught them how to use the cotton candy maker. As the machine rattled and vibrated and wisps of cotton candy started filling the air, the girls got busy making cones of cotton candy.

Yippee! We could just stand back and enjoy ourselves!

The girls can have all fun! Along with being covered in cotton candy!

We visited the rock band booth and clapped and laughed as teachers showed off their multi-talented selves. We kept a keen eye on our booth making sure the cotton candy machine did not take off and start flying around the cafeteria. The girls kept working away!

We might have stayed a wee bit too long.

When we got back, the cotton candy was taking the forms in different shapes.


One looks like it needs it’s floss combed.


 Ummm… was getting close to the end of the party.

We lowered the price from two tickets to one ticket.

This was definitely Australian fairy floss!

 Good ole American cotton candy looks like this.

Our girls just need more practice….or maybe a little closer supervision ; ).

It was a great night! We sold out except for a couple of bags we gave to our number one fairy floss maker!!

It was Friday and I was ready to go home…..

I had a halo of cotton candy…..ooops fairy floss to wash off!

Another week at school update!


The Yard of Spooks, Beware!

I literally do not know how my friend Dana does it!

She transforms her yard into one ghoulish trick or treaters delight!

Every year, she spends a couple of weeks planning, scheming and using all kinds of haunting supplies to treat all her family, friends and neighbors to a fun, food and candy filled night. She amazes my family every year. Going to her house on Halloween has become a family tradition. We get to see old friend and make new ones! Plus we get to eat! This is not a trick…it is a treat!


Beware you are entering the danger zone of ghost, witches, spiders and a creepy graveyard.


Those hands might grab you and throw you into the witches cauldron!


You might end up trapped like this poor fellow or end up in the grave yard!  


The witch is in or are you a fraidy cat?   Take a seat by the dead scary people in the swing and get your picture taken.


Are you afraid of spiders….or werewolves? 


The bath room is not even safe……looks what watches you as you take a seat!


Even the garage is not safe! I tried to eat my yummy warm taco soup but they kept looking at me like they wanted a bite….of me!!!


They are so in love…….that is love taken to the grave!

Come back and see us! Next time I will take you for a ride on my broom!

Thank you Dana, for providing another scary fun night for my family!