Coupon Bargains and Update

I went to Gerbes and picked up these items on sale. They have a buy 5 items and save $5 sale going on now. I was able to get the rice for .29 cents a box, the Shout and Scrubbing Bubbles for $1.oo a can and then I got a $3.00 coupon to use on my next transation.


I was able to pick these up also at Gerbes using the buy 5 save $5 sale. After coupons I paid .49 cents for each of the 409 and just .29 cents for each of the pamper wipes. My daughter who does not cook was very happy when I gave her the wipes. Youngest baby grand girl needs lots of wipes.

I am making this super rich chocolate cake later this week (I will post the recipe later this week). It takes several bags of chocolate chips. These bags were on sale for $2.49 at Gerbes and I had $1.00 off coupons off of two bags, making them $1.99 a bag. I also got a $3.50 coupon off my next purchase if I buy more chocolate chips.

Oldest daughter who does not cook did a little couponing too. She was able to get these cans of soup for .50 cents each. I giggled when I seen she had bought butternut squash soup. She would never in her right mind bought this soup if I had not made homemade butternut squash soup. I will be curious to find out if this soup is as good as the one that I came up with.

I also bought 5 toothbrushes and 5 tubes of tooth paste for free. I will be donating them to school for students who may need some personal hygiene items.

I also bought some groceries at Aldis.

So lets see:

I spent:

$2.20 at Gerbes

$44.68 at Gerbes

$48.50 at Aldi’s

Total $95.38 for last week and today.

I had a balance of $380.22

I spent $95.38

Leaving me a total of $294.84

I will add another $75.00

So my latest update is $369.84 on April 21st.

My balance keeps getting a little higher each week.

Would you not add anymore to your budget till you spend down your amount.

Or lower the amount you spend each week.

MMMMM….I will have to think on it.

Lights out girl scouts…it is past my bed time.

Happy Couponing,


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Budget Update on April 14th

Grocery Budget Update

Whew where has the time gone?

I have not posted a budget update in three weeks.

You might have remembered me mentioning I was pretty sick for a couple of weeks with a pretty bad sinus infection.

That was when the blur started.

Yes, the blur.

The blur is when your life just goes by in a big blur.

I not sure what I did, what I bought and where I went.

I know I manage to go to work and to my part time tutoring job. The house is not burnt down, so I am assuming I turned off the oven. If I cooked. I don’t remember cooking too much.

Anywho, I did go back through my bank account to see exactly what I did buy and try to make some sense as to where I am in my grocery budget.

So, let’s see if we can figure it out.

On March 24th I had $320.61 in my budget.

I bought two birthday cakes and some potato salad and coleslaw for Easter and birthdays.

I spent a total of $60.49

I had several purchases from Gerbes. This is a partial picture of what I bought. (I ate one box of cereal and the free gallon of milk I got free when I bought 4 boxes of cereal.) It is also missing some potato chip dip and a couple of packages of the new Crystal Light liquid water flavoring. (I used it up too while I was at school).

Here are my purchases:





Here is my shopping trip to Walmart for $10.33

Here is a little shopping trip to Gerbes. I bought these cereals for .50 cents a bag with BOGO coupons when the cereal was on sale for $1.00. I donated the 6 bags to the nurses office for snacks to very hungry students.

$3. 24

I bought this soda at Walgreens and got back $5.00 in register rewards. So soda ended up being around .25 cents a two liter bottle.





Yesterday, I went to Aldis to get some salad and sandwich stuff


I did not have too much time to coupon this weekend because I was working on Oldest Grand girl a costume for her Choir concert later this week. Aldi’s is a great place to pick up essentials when you do don’t have time to cut coupons.

I spent $36.33 there.

I think that is it!!!

So lets see.

I started with $320.61

I spent a total of $165.39

On March 31 and on April 7th and 14th I could add $75.00 for each week.

So when I add my weekly budget and subtract what I spent my new total is $380.22

I am very thankful that my oldest daughter who does not cook bought a bunch of veggies, fruit, hamburger, some deli meat and a couple of rotisserie chickens while I was sick. I am sure my total would be a lot less if she had not jumped in.

I think I am pretty much on the mend.

Right now, just computer screen  is a blur……cause I don’t have my reading glasses on. : D Minerva if you are reading this, I am really trying to spell all my words right hehe.

How is your couponing going? Have you found any great deals out there?

Monday starts a new week of bargains!